Substance Abuse in Illinois

According to the Illinois Department of Health Services, substance abuse costs the state about $6 billion annually. However, they also claim that effective treatment for substance abuse reduces costs associated with law enforcement and health care; for each dollar Illinois invests in treatment, it saves $4 to $7 in costs. Overall proper treatment could reduce addiction state-wide by forty to sixty percent. This is a significant figure besides all the other important benefits of treatment. The reduction of substance abuse in Illinois would create a ripple effect in the lives of addicts and their families as well as the communities they live in. With counseling and therapy, many obstacles that addicts face are overcome. This is critical because many issues such as domestic trouble, peer pressure, traumatic events, and stress help lead many to abuse drugs and alcohol.

When considering substance abuse in Illinois, we must not exclude alcoholism. It is the largest substance abuse problem in the state. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that alcohol dependency in Illinois for all age groups is higher than the national average. There are many treatment centers that deal with alcoholism and are staffed with qualified professionals dedicated to treating the disease. As with other addictive substances there isn't a cure for alcoholism, but it is treatable. Successfully treating alcoholism also saves lives by reducing the amount of alcohol-induced fatalities in cars and elsewhere.

Just as treating alcoholics has a supplementary benefit in reducing drunk driving-related accidents, injuries, and deaths, the same can be said for treating other addictions in Illinois. Heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine have decimated the state's neighborhoods because of their association with violent crime and gang activity. As addicts go on a downward spiral and devote themselves to achieving the next high, they often resort to crime to afford their habits. Obviously this means that innocent people become robbery victims and much worse. Drug dealers further add to the communities' misery, catching still more innocents in theft, violence, and oppression. Substance abuse in Illinois cannot be ignored...because eventually it impacts everybody.

It is imperative that addicts break their habits and modify their behavior and way of life. The best hope for an addict is for that person to enter into a rehab program, such as what is provided in our center. We offer different methods for tackling substance abuse and our dedicated counselors and therapists will assess which one will work best with any particular addict and provide the help an addict needs. There isn't any shame in having an addiction. It is a disease without social barriers and addicts and their families have to overcome any hesitation to receive proper treatment. Our inpatient treatment services include full assessment, detoxification, cognitive behavioral therapies, peer counseling and support groups. We also provide outpatient treatment which provides counseling and support groups.

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