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Methamphetamine addiction in Illinois and in many other states has become a huge problem. From being virtually non-existent ten years ago, today it has superseded even heroin and cocaine in popularity on the drug addiction scene. Its high addictiveness and widespread availability has contributed to its increasing use in Illinois.

Methamphetamine, an amphetamine drug, attacks the central nervous system of the user, triggering the release of a neurotransmitter known as dopamine, which controls pleasure and regulates the brain's rewards system. The high quantity of dopamine released by the use of methamphetamine produces what is known as a "meth high." The meth high is particularly strong in the case of crystal meth, a crystalline derivative of meth much purer than meth itself and much more potent. The meth eventually "hijacks" the brain's reward system, to the point where the user is unable to derive pleasure in any other way but the use of methamphetamine. Increasing amounts of meth are needed to meet the brain's artificially high levels of dopamine, only strengthening the hold that the addiction has over the user.

Methamphetamine reaches Illinois primarily from Mexico, where pure varieties are produced and very cheaply transported throughout the United States. Illinois serves as both a major market and central networking route for the dissemination of meth to the Midwest region. A large number of meth labs are also dominant in some portions of the state, particularly rural areas. Using simple ingredients, these labs produce both meth and its purer derivative crystal meth at amazing speeds (each meth lab is estimated to produce and distribute up to 10 pounds of the substance per day).

The state government has attempted to counter the problem through strict patrolling on the road ways for illegal trafficking and crack downs on meth labs. The number of meth lab seizures increased from 364 incidents in 2007 to 395 incidents in 2009. Nevertheless, the problem of meth addiction has continued to rise. In recent years, many rehab centers in Illinois have now dedicated themselves to methamphetamine addiction treatment. They are trying to find ways and means that can be used to treat methamphetamine patients to overcome their addiction and are, to an extent, succeeding in the process.

Meth Addiction Treatment at A Center for Addiction Recovery

A Center for Addiction Recovery is a private facility which offers a highly successful addiction treatment program. Our meth addiction treatment programs are tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of each individual, including a daily schedule made up of a combination of therapies and recreational activities. Our individualized treatment programs for the treatment of meth addiction provide a wide array of psychiatric and therapeutic services. Our clinical staff consists of licensed social workers, mental health counselors and addiction specialists. We are dedicated to providing dignified and effective treatment of addiction for individuals and their families, offering a full continuum of addiction treatment services. Our goal is to foster a supportive environment that promotes awareness and understanding so that our clients may realize their potential and experience FREEDOM FROM ADDICTION.

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