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As a heroin and synthetic drug epidemic sweeps the state of Illinois, the State Senate is voting on budget cuts that will break the back of the state's drug prevention program, which has proven outcomes for reducing youth drug abuse. The budget eliminates $2.6 million or 100% of the funding that Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Family and Community Services for drug prevention, effectively denying drug prevention services to 34,593 Illinois youths. The state will also lose an additional $2.6 million in Federal matching money.

The heroin epidemic has spread throughout every county and city in Illinois, including the suburbs and downstate areas. In Lake County, heroin deaths increased 130% from 2000 to 2009. In McHenry, in three years heroin deaths zoomed 150% higher. In Will County, in two years, deaths doubled. An escalation in heroin deaths has also struck Winnebago County, where 23 drug-related deaths have been caused either by heroin, cocaine, or a combination of the two during the first three months of 2012 alone. Authorities estimate that the county may suffer well over 100 deaths during the year. Synthetic drug use has also been an increasing problem among Illinois' youth. In 2010 and 2011, poison control centers reported Illinois having one of the highest rates of emergency room visits related to the use of "bath salts."

The money that drug prevention saves the state government of Illinois will also be lost if the proposed budget is passed. The state will be left with the real costs of widespread addiction. It's been estimated that untreated addiction costs the state more than $3 billion a year. Meanwhile, drug prevention saves up to $35 for every dollar spent.

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