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Like any other place, Illinois has suffered from the effects of drug addiction. The state's Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse states online that nearly one million residents in Illinois suffer from drug addiction. This chronic problem has disrupted and destroyed many lives, and is difficult to effectively treat. The addictiveness of drugs both legal and illegal is tough to overcome. These drugs alter the brain's chemistry and make one dependent on them, leading to intense emotional states. For many normal people it can be difficult to comprehend the need that drives addicts to get their next dose, but that craving can be insurmountable for addicts. Getting people who suffer from drug addiction to seek help isn't easy; in the end they have to want to change themselves.

Anyone seeking substance abuse treatment is taking the first step because this is a sign that they want to change their behavior. After admitting they have a problem and realizing they want to conquer their addiction, the addict needs to seek professional help. Trying to quit "cold turkey" without proper counseling and therapy rarely works and can be quite dangerous. This is why addicts who want the best opportunity for a successful recovery are advised to enroll in a drug rehab program and undergo professional detoxification.

But being medically treated is only a partial solution, and that alone will not be enough to keep an addict from relapsing. Proper treatment requires psychotherapy, counseling, and behavioral modification. The National Institute of Health states that effective treatment involves a combination of behavior and medication therapies that deal with all aspects of a patient's life. In other words, the former addict needs to re-learn how to live a productive life without the influence of drugs. This involves intense therapy and counseling sessions where their activities are monitored by professionals. They will then advise the patient and provide positive support and encouragement to keep the patient drug free.

According to the Illinois Department of Human Services, programs should offer individualized treatment plans with different levels of care that include diagnosis, inpatient/outpatient services, housing, family counseling, and education, just to name a few. Once the person has been successfully treated, he or she is able to return home. But that isn't the end of the story. Recovering addicts still will need to embrace a new environment and lifestyle that may include more counseling and positive reinforcement to resist the temptation to take drugs again.

There isn't a magic bullet when it comes to addiction treatment, but it is vital that anyone suffering from drug addiction be treated. Addicts have an overwhelming craving for drugs that is hard to overcome, but it's not impossible. Careful planning can produce a treatment program based on the severity of the addiction. With the help of our well-trained professionals and counselors there is hope for any addict. We are here to provide the support and help that patients desperately need. Contact us today if you or someone you love has a problem with drugs abuse, addiction, or any signs of dependency.

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