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Alcohol rehab centers in Illinois have begun utilizing brief intervention treatment, an increasingly popular and common form of alcohol reduction therapy that aims to moderate alcohol drinking and reduce harmful drinking practices such as binge drinking. It has been recognize worldwide as a low-cost, highly effective form of alcohol abuse treatment. Brief intervention is better suited for individuals with harmful or abusive drinking practices rather than severe alcohol dependency. It is a useful component for a full spectrum of treatment options, particularly valuable when more extensive treatment options are unavailable or the patient is resistant to such options.

The brief intervention services offered at alcohol rehab centers in Illinois combine short counseling sessions (5-60 minutes) and education. They are intended to inform the patient on the danger and effects of alcohol abuse as well as provide them techniques to reduce their alcohol consumption. Written booklets and computer programs are used as materials in the intervention. The program can be implemented at any time but is most effective at treating the early stages of alcoholism. Brief interventions are performed by health workers, medical professionals, group counselors, and a wide range of qualified individuals.

Alcohol rehab centers in Illinois have also used marriage counseling to heal the damaging affect of alcohol abuse on relationships. The involvement of married partners has been a successful and effective component of alcohol abuse treatment in the state. Alcohol rehab centers in Illinois have appreciated the large amount of evidence that indicates the involvement of the marriage partner in alcohol abuse treatment greatly increases the chances of successful recovery and rehabilitation.

The application of brief intervention treatment and marriage counseling has been a fairly recent development to improve the quality of programs and services offered by alcohol rehab centers in Illinois. They are a notable departure from the traditionally offered services.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at A Center for Addiction Recovery

Alcoholism addiction treatment at A Center for Addiction Recovery is provided by highly trained clinical and medical addiction treatment professionals. We treat the physical and emotional aspect of alcohol addiction, both in inpatient (residential) and outpatient settings to ensure ongoing client support. Clients with mild to severe addiction follow individualized detox protocols that are carefully monitored while attending therapeutic treatment tailored specifically for them. All facets of our alcoholism treatment program are based on extensive research and experience into the most successful methods of treatment programs to ensure recovery. We are fully committed to enable clients to achieve their full potential, which includes treating the underlying causes and consequences of alcoholism. Our alcoholism treatment programs provide continuing care and rehabilitative support in an environment of respect, dignity and sustainability.

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